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We had an odd one today.
The low fuel warning came on so I stopped at the next services. Filled the car up as usual, popped in and paid but then got into the car and turned on - car display did not change at all, the dial still showed well into the red and the trip computer was still showing only 20miles range.
This immediately had me checking the receipt to check that I had put diesel in (a mate who once put petrol in his diesel A4 said the fuel gauge behaved very weirdly).
Having convinced myself that, yes, I had put £80 worth of diesel in and that the next services on the M6 was only 20miles, we decided to drive on.
Over the next 100 miles back to Birmingham, both the fuel dial and the trip computer more or less acted in reverse. As we drove south, the dial gradually showed more fuel until after 100 miles it was a quarter full, and the trip computer range increased more or less mile for mile that we drove.
Utterly bizzare. I anticipate an amusing telephone conversation with Birmingham Audi tomorrow and will post the result.
Anybody else had fuel gauge problems?
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