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Anyone taken it out?

Just got my Q3 and looking round tyres are about £200-25 each for 19"'s.

Anyway thinking of taking out tyre insurance via for £260 for 3 year cover.
Took it out via a dealer on my wifes car which was acutally a better policy for similar money as covered alloys and unlimited claims, but thats an aside to this, and just seems to make sense given the price of new tyres.

Car2cover will offer 5 repairs or replacement tyres (so obviously wouldnt waste it claiming for punctures if i was unlucky and had a few claims!). The way i see it is if i take it out and get one tyre that cant be repaired over the course of 3 years i've broken even and anything beyond one tyre i'm in profit. I live on a new housing estate and builders are still on site so the odd nail in tyres isnt unheard of round here!

Just curious as to what people's thoughts are on it and also if anyone has used car2cover, or anyone else, for it?

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