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There is another product on the market called Chipex ( which is endorsed by numerous manufacturers including Audi. You put your car registration number in and it matches your paint colour.
I first saw it being used some years ago at a car rally and the results were, to be honest, amazing.

That said, I’ve subsequently tried using the product on 2 different cars with very mixed results. The solution tends to lift the paint back out of the scratch so it can be very frustrating to use. It’s not the cheapest solution on the market but you would have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth giving it a go. What I will say however is that the colour match is excellent and you don’t need to worry about lacquers/clear coats etc.

Caveat emptor!
Yes been tempted many times to buy this product when watching a demo at various car shows but as you said a bit pricy.
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