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Hi, iv just traded my 2011 61 plate Audi A5 black edition for a 2012 62 plate q3 tdi 140. It's a s line in silver, it's got all the toys so I'm well pleased, I'm looking to replace the pedals for the metal ones, not sure if vw or skoda pedals will be cheaper, mine is manual, also looking to to retrofit the interior light kit, I mean the door entry and footwell lights, I also intend to replace the front brakes for the setup from a vw golf r, I have the calipers already and just need the carriers and discs and pads, if anyone has any info they can help me with like the PIN numbers for the wiring etc and where you can buy the interior light kit,
I modified he A5 a little andim used to be a vw tech so messing with the car doesn't bother me,
This forum looks cool and I'm looking forward to taking delivery of the Q3,
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