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Hi all,

first off - spec:

  • 2014
  • FASH
  • 20" 5 spoke alloys
  • "advanced" MMI (or whatever it's called, I can never remember the name of it!) takes a sim card and memory card, has sat nav built into it
  • Bose sound system
  • Standard leather interior
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Tyres all have good tread but received an an advisory for cracking around the outer edges (it's very minor)
  • Red
  • Mileage is ~41500 (goes up a smidge a few times a week)
  • It had brand new front discs and pads when we bought it at ~34'000 miles, so absolutely loads of life left in them yet
  • It has the full solid parcel shelf and counterpart piece that fits inside the hatch, rather than the floppy one
  • Nothing mechanical - runs like a dream.
  • A couple of very minor marring marks on the paint where I got a bit over zealous removing some bird poop my wife didn't clean off 😡😡 both will come out easily with a rotary polisher. Unfortunately I don't own one and haven't got electricity at my garage (and I live on the tenth floor in a block of flats - hope you can see the issue here 😂).
    • The paint is otherwise in superb condition, being regularly washed with products from Meguiars, clay barred roughly every other month (doesn't really need it but I'd rather be preventative) and polished when it needs it. As you'll see from the pictures, it's very well kept.
  • Wheels have kerb rash but I can sort the majority of that myself before sale.
Overall, everything is as tight as it was the day we bought it - it's done ~8000 miles since 2018, so is under average mileage and not abused, as there's not much chance of booting it where I live in South East London. 20mph zones and lots of traffic and lights.

So, the finance piece - we have until Feb next year left on the finance with a balloon payment due (or hand it back) at that point. We'd rather let it go now as we're in the middle of a house purchase and want to drop the monthly repayment from our outgoings. I can settle the outstanding finance in front of the new owner - happy to do this in person or over a shared desktop Teams/Zoom session to show it's all legit and above board.

Asking price is £21000 to reflect the minor issues mentioned above and the fact it's on finance.

Pics below:
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