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Just done a service and needed to refresh my memory on how to reset the service indicator using VCDS

It's a 2 stage process depending on whether it's for a fixed service oil change or the full variable service regime.

This youtube video covers both and starts about 1.50 in for our 'UDS' Q3s -

The MMI screen can also be used to reset the oil change warning but not the 2 year major service one

Cheers Spike
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I've not used this guide and learned this the hard way DIM (doing-it-myself).

I can only add a practical table.

So VCDS at hand, for those stuck (you know what I mean) on Ver. 12.12 the path is the following:

Control Modules > 09 Central Electrics > Adaptation

To reset the oil service interval (possible within MMI)
SIE: time from inspection
SIE: distance driven from inspection

To reset the inspection interval (not possible w/ MMI, not working on OBDeleven)
ESI: Resetting ESI
FIX: Time since last time-dependent inspection
FIX: Distance covered since last mileage-dependent inspection

Select reset on ESI and confirm.
Set the values to zero and confirm, the values of mileage and time on the MMI display update immediately in real time.
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