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Hi everyone. I have been dipping in and out of the forums for a while now but thought it was about time I registered and let everyone know of our ( my wife and myself) experience with our Q3 to date.
Back in April 2011 we ordered a q3 2.0TFSI Quattro s-line. A little mad considering not even the dealer had seen one at that point. Anyway we specced it up pretty good including panorama sunroof, Bluetooth phone, led interior pack, heated front seats etc. Delivery was due 2nd week in January 2012 however it arrived at the dealers late December and we collected it on Christmas eve.
On handover I spotted that the lower valance on the drivers door did not align correctly with the valance on the rear door and the rear interior light did not work. We discussed options with the sales manager and agreed we would accept the car as we were going away for the holidays and would bring it back in Jan for rectification.
On the journey back from holiday we spotted a deep horizontal scratch across the passenger side of the windscreen which could only be seen as we were driving into the sun. TBH I cannot say hand on heart that it was there when we collected the car but as we hadn't had to scrape ice and the car had been parked securely in a very quiet cul-de-sac during our holiday it's very likely it was.
We used the car for about a month before taking in to the dealer to have the faults repaired and we both agreed it was a great car and are pleased we took the chance to buy it.
Anyhow. Having taken the car into the dealer we got it back the next day having been told the required parts had been ordered and that whilst it was in it had had a software update.
We returned the car about three weeks later to have the lower valance replaced with a new one that had been sprayed the correct colour and to have the new interior light unit fitted.
This is where timings get a bit hazy as my wife and I cannot agree how long the dealer had the car but it was in excess of two weeks.
It turned out that the fault with the rear interior lamp was traced to a screw through the wiring loom. Audi were obviously concerned about this and asked the dealer to strip the interior and replace the wiring loom, hence the time in the dealer.
When we got the car back the light was fixed. However, the panorama sunroof had stopped working. We obviously contacted the dealer straight away and discussed the matter and was told to expect a return call to arrange rectification, however this did not happen for whatever reason.
Now you may think us mad having paid all that money for the sunroof and it not working and all but we were both really busy and didn't get around to following it up for months and eventually decided to get it sorted when it went in for its first service.
So the service became due at around 9k miles which was September and we duly booked it in.
The week before it was going in I thought I would check to see if the sunroof was still not operating. Big mistake. It tilted and then stopped. It wouldn't budge. This was on a Saturday afternoon and there was severe weather due that night so I contacted Audi assist and was told someone would be with us within the hour. Meanwhile I checked the fuse and looked for a manual closer but fuses were fine and there seems to be no way of closing it manually.
Eventually a RAC van turns up in our driveway. I was a little taken aback by this as I expected an Audi technician to turn up but I was told by the RAC man that Audi techs don't work on weekends. Anyway he checked the fuses, looked for a manual closer, got on to his tech dept and finally told me it would have to go to a dealer to be fixed. He could get me a replacement car but I would have to go with him and collect it, a round trip of three hours. I graciously declined. I decided I would take it to the dealer in the morning, get them to store it undercover and supply a courtesy car. In the meantime having no way of covering the open roof I drove the front up a steep ramp I have and hoped for the best. In the morning I looked outside and was surprised to see the roof had closed itself. A stroke of luck. I guess there must be some sort of rain sensor built into it or it self closes after the car is left locked for a long while (I had tried the auto close function on the key fob to no avail). The dealer can't explain why it closed.
So we took it in for service and asked them to sort the sunroof and also to have a look at the drivers seat as we were concerned about the fact we could now see the pattern of the heating element showing through the bottom cushion and that the leather sections were looking a bit worn and untidy. N.B it's fitted with s line sports seats which are part leather part cloth.
Service completed we collected the car and were asked to bring it back for further investigation into the seat fault and to give them time to sort the sunroof.
Nearly there!
So the upshot is, the car is with the dealer and has been for two weeks. The drivers seat has been stripped and it sounds like it has been overheating (but they were careful about what they said) and a new cover has been ordered.
That's it then. We await the return of the q3. I should say that the dealer has been excellent throughout with the one exception of the non returned phone call. We have had a selection of courtesy cars from them and currently have a q5 on loan and looking on the bright side it has kept our mileage down!
Would we have another? Too right. It's a lovely car. We just happen to have got one of the first of the new model and its bound to have some teething trouble but we love it,
That's it then. I know it's a bit of an essay but I thought it worth letting others know about our experience
P.S. we had the autoglym life shine done for £165 but it was not worth it. I should have done it myself. Also the glacier white is a bugger to keep clean!
P.P.S. the dealer replaced the windscreen FOC without admitting liability.

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wow dave thats an epic tale you had to tellI think the dealers attitude when you have problems goes along way in how you end up feeling about the car , sounds like your dealer has been very helpful on the most part , as for the non existant return phone calls , think we have all experienced them . glad you still have faith in your Q3 . i was also in the first wave of owners mine is 1 yr old on thursday , touch wood not had any problems , and would definitely consider another one next year
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