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Hi all, I have a 2013 Q3 2.0T TFSI and noticed some oil gunk at a few places. Was wondering if this is something to be worried about or not. I've done the VCDS diagnosis and there's no error codes. I also peformed the PCV test with the oil cap pressure and it seems fine. Any ideas? See pictures below and highlighted areas where the oil build up is found:
Note: i took these pictures after wiping down some oil gunk. Should have taken the pics before, it way worse than in the pictures...

This is around the oil cap, PCV unit
Motor vehicle Light Automotive tire Yellow Engineering

This is below the battery
Automotive tire Bicycle part Gas Rim Motor vehicle

this seems to be the airintakes behind the engine on the left
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Headgear Thigh Personal protective equipment

Thanks a lot!!
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