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</font>Well decided on Wednesday the old Polo had served me well
for the last 10 year and therefore decided to make the step up to itssister company
Audi and ordered a Black Q3 S Line,
Manual, Petrol, and purchased the following extras Comfort Package, (page 54
WBI 7X4) Sat Nav, (page 57 PNU), also after reading the much written about spare
tyre on this site contacted the garage to order the Space Saver Tyre (page 53
1G9) and Reversible Luggage Floor (Page 58 3GD) this flooring is free of charge,
but appears to be required when purchasing Spare Wheel. Would have loved to get
more extras but wife put here foot down.<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /></font></font>

</font>Just a few daft questions

</font>1 Buy purchasing the Space Saver Tyre, although skinner will it be the same size as the upgrade ones
on the S Line 18” or will they down grade them to the SE Model 17”?</font></font>

</font>2 Is the Rear Window heated? (Just one less window to scrap)</font></font>

</font>Order not on the system asyet so no date for delivery although
garage say it should be June sometime in June….. here`s hoping</font></font>


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Wife's are a pain aren't they?!

1) the diameter of tyre and wheel will roughly equal the same. I.e. the bigger the rim, the lower the profile of tyre and vice versa.
2 ) welcome to 1994 ;)
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