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Lowering woes.....

After being lowered on stock OEM shocks with H&R springs and even replacing them with Bilstein B4 OE replacements at 125k kms, I always felt room for improvement.

I was lucky to score Koni Yellow Sports which I picked up used (40k kms) for a desirable price of 200usd. They were originally fitted to and made for a MK6 GOLF GTI but despite their minor comparison differences like in photos and for the price I took the risk.

Everything is now installed and they work superb on the Q3, both front and rears just bolts on and fits.

After a few days of driving with this set up....I'll never run stock shocks with lowering springs ever again on any car I own....yeah the cornering and looks do improve a bit when you do it, but without the right shocks and struts you're belittling your cars worth and what it has to offer for your driving experience. I know this is all over the internet with people saying the same thing, but its just another kind reminder that it really shouldn't be done with OE shocks.

This set up now makes all the difference from comfort, handling, cornering, acceleration, braking, steering feel. It's the perfect street daily set up for the enthusiast.

Wheels - 8.5x18 ET29
Rubber - 235 50 18 Conti ContactSport5
Springs - H&R 25mm front / 40mm rear (3 Finger wheel arch gap front and rear)

P.S Koni do make dampers / struts for the Q3 specifically on their catalogue which would be the right way to do it , but if you came across some MK5/6 Golf/A3 8P Koni Yellows for a good price, they will also work

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