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You can now upload photo's directly to the forum - see this post for information:
Or you can link photos from elsewhere or use an online account such as photobucket:
1 Join photobucket -</font>
2 Upload your photos to photobucket following the instructions on the site. It doesn't matter about the original resolution of your pictures and when it asks you which size, medium or large will do for this forum.
3 When your pics are successfully appearing in photobucket, you'll see a few boxes underneath - one of them will start with square brackets followed by an "IMG".
4 Left mouse click in the box that says IMG, and you'll get a notification saying "copied" under your mouse pointer.
5 Now go to the post you want to reply to, and click on "post reply" in the normal way.
6 Type a comment for your photo, press the "space bar", and then right mouse click, "paste" to paste the line containing IMG into the post window.
7 Make sure you have a square bracket at the start and end of the line containing "IMG" otherwise it won't work.
8 Click the "preview post" button and hey presto, your pics on here for us all to enjoy....Or!
If your pictures are somewhere else, all you need is the URL to your picture, so something like
In this case, click the green tree icon
, paste in the image address in the IMAGE URL box and click preview. Your image should appear in the preview window. Click OK to insert the image.
Note: for the moment you can't directly upload to the forum, however its on my to-do list

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