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The DIS computer on my Q3 told me that my car was due an oil change service, which I thought was strange as I had only completed 4900 miles Over the past 11 months. Anyway I booked it in for a service for today.
When I arrived at Hatfield Audi the member of staff in the service department, checked my details and paperwork. She told me that my car didn't need a service as its was down on their computer systems as a long life service. She then made me a coffee, whilst she got a tech guy to update and amend my service management system in the Q3 DIS.
Really pleased with their honesty, as this has saved spending loads of money on a a service that was not required yet

However I ended up booking in my Q3 to have chrome exhaust pipes fitted in mid April instead

Great honest service from Hatfield Audi
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