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I've had a Q3 since last Nov, and now done 9000 miles. Due for its first oil change, so much buy some filters and get it done.
Issues so far?
Hate the engine stop feature, and can't seem to permanently deactivate it.
Like the space in the back. Can fit lots in there with the seats down.
Like the handling. More comfortable ride that the A4 2.0 TDI Sline I had before.
Like the height.
Seems waterproof, drove through deep water last week and it didn't leak
Economy was poor for first 500 miles or so, perhaps 1000? Far better now. Guess it needed to just settle in - new engine and all.
Seats better than the S line models. Specifically bought SE for this reason alone. Those hard high edges on the sportier seats are horrible.
MMI is better than before.
Like the extra 12V outlets, good idea with loads of stuff that seems need them these days.

Generally pretty pleased with this, my 6th Audi.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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