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Full spec 2020 Q3 black edition. 1.5 TFSI

I have had Audi road since assist out 2/3 times for the same issues:

Technical fault displays such as
  • “Start up failure”
  • “Pre sense unavailable”
  • “MMI not available”
  • Often connects & disconnects from my iPhone constantly every 40/50seconds.
  • Won’t allow me to change song via steering wheel.
Was called in to get an extra battery fitted
  • My SOS button/battery apparently needs replaced.

- Road assist stated I needed multiple software updates. Only had the car 6 months.

Audi roadside assist claimed to have emailed Audi to book me in. A week later no call so I tried to book in and was told I’ve left it too long?!! :mad:
- no courtesy cars they use a rental company now so not an Audi! (Edinburgh Scotland)

I have manual license but drive auto for health reasons - claim they can’t get me an auto.

Do I just book in and deal with no car for days or call road side assist again?
Advice would be great, anyone else getting issues like this?

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