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  1. Retrofit swivel tow bar

    Technical & Faults
    I have the original swivel tower for my RSq3 but have no fitting instructions. Has anybody got a copy or know where I can get them from? thanks.
  2. Lowering 2014 RSQ3

    Hi new to the forum and owner of a 2014 RSQ3. Looking for some advice on lowering it slightly as although they sit lower than a standard Q3 I still find the arch gap is a little excessive. Can anyone recommend the best options for this? Looked at H&R springs that's clam a 40/50mm drop but would...
  3. RSQ3 2014 or 2015

    Hi, im new to this forum I am looking to buy an RSQ3 and was looking at 2015 models circa £25K on low mileage (<30,000) but now discovered the earlier model with almost non existent mileage, hardly used (done all necessary checks so clear its legit) Any view whether extra HP really make much...