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  1. Technical & Faults
    Hi I am thinking to get cruise control installed on my 2016, S-Line Q3. Does anyone know or can point to the best and reasonable place that can do this in West Midlands area (Warwickshire, Birmingham etc). Also how much does it usually cost to fit the controls. Thanks,
  2. In Car Entertainment
    Hello guys, I have a 2017 1.4 Audi Q3. My car has electric seats and I was wondering if the seats of an S4 or S3 could be changed for my seat. I always loved the S4 seats and a friend of mine is selling the seats of a 2014 S4. Its quite a rare trim, orange, and I would love to be able to install...
  3. Modifications
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a set of facelift led tail lights to put on my 2013 q3. It has the standard halogens at the minute. Will they fit? I already know I'll need a plug adaptor and will probably need to code the car to LED but that should be straight forward enough. My question is, are the...
  4. Technical & Faults
    I have the original swivel tower for my RSq3 but have no fitting instructions. Has anybody got a copy or know where I can get them from? thanks.
  5. Newbies
    Good Morning, I’ve just joined up having been following this forum for a couple of months. I’m a former master technician with Volkswagen, Audi and PSA. I worked in the motor trade from age 16 to 33, I now work as a Lead technician on the new Class 80X fleets. I have been going through your...
  6. Technical & Faults
    hi guys ill start by saying sorry for not being an active member of the forum in a while, I've been a very busy boy. my first question is... ive seen allot of cruise control stalks on ebay saying compatible with A1 and Q3, but they all have different part numbers. do i need a part number...
1-6 of 6 Results