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  1. Modifications
    Hi all collect my new Q3 Sportback in 3 days and have a black grill to replace the standard sline one with. Any threads or info on how to remove the front bumper in order to replace the grill? thanks
  2. Wanted
    Hi all After a black grille for my Q3 sport back which is due for delivery in 4 weeks I’ve ordered an sLine but wish I’d gone black edition now so going to get most parts wrapped by a friend who has his own company but think the grille would be easier to swap due to all the small middle parts
  3. Modifications
    Hi all Have ordered my Q3 sportback SLine and just looking into things. I’ve ordered Mythos black and a close friend owns a wrap company and so he will be wrapping all the chrome bits black so essentially make it a black edition. With the grille. Do you think the middle parts of the grille are...
1-3 of 3 Results