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  1. Chassis, Wheels & Tyres
    I think I'm going to require some winter wheels this year as I now have a 25 mile each way commute. I have some 18" rims in the garage which are ET42, but I'm not sure whether they'll fit or not? I think the standard 18" offset is ET34. Is 8mm difference too much? I tried driving the car on...
  2. I’m set with a custom CarPlay that uses AUX but would love to use my AMI port in my Q3’s center console to charge my passenger’s phone. However when you plug one in, the MMI defaults to using it and I don’t want that. Seems like it would be simple to find an AMI to Lightning that charges only or...
  3. Never say never - I have come across a new shape base model RSQ3, unregistered and in Daytona grey/blue interior. (is 8F the model designator?). At a sizeable chunk (around £11k) less than OTR list I've put a refundable deposit on it - with the1st hit of depreciation somewhat mitigated (all...
  4. Hi all, I already mentioned in this forum that my Audi Q3 FL 1.4 TFSI picked up new from dealer last November came with the new LED Headlights but unfortunately DRLs are not functioning. I asked dealer who told me that it is a matter of coding and that i can do it myself if i have a VCDS cable...
  5. Hi Guys, So it's been more than a month now driving Q3 F3 2020 nice car. Anyway as title suggests I have been getting this message on and off so total of 5 or 6 times I have seen but generally disappears at next restart. Anyone else is getting this fault message? Picture attached just in case...
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